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The Seeds for Sustainability curriculum was developed by Georgia Health Decisions to build the leadership capacity of the Two Georgias Initiative Project Directors and coalition partners with a primary emphasis on the sustainability of their community coalitions and programs that were implemented during the Two Georgias Initiative between 2017 and 2022. 

Seeds for Sustainability provided training in three primary areas that answered basic questions posed by the 11 Two Georgias Initiative communities:

  1. Adaptive Stewardship provided support to answer the question: “How do we share responsibility and ownership for achieving health equity in our community?”

  2. Enduring Structures addressed the question: “How do we build our organization for a positive and lasting impact?”

  3. Sustainable Resources responded to “How do we generate monetary and human resources?”

A “flipped classroom” approach maximized the in-person time for the Project Directors, and others, to participate in skill building training sessions and apply new ideas.  Basic information, such as videos, articles, or case studies, was provided in advance to allow participants to learn about the topic in the manner that best met their personal style.  A “train-the-trainer” approach equipped Project Directors with the resources to transfer their new knowledge and skills to their local partners.

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